Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stupid conservative "arguments"

The guy at this conservative site makes a mocking video of some of liberalism' silly talking points. It's pretty funny. I could make a countervideo, though,with stupid conservative "arguments"
1. Government spending doesn't create jobs, except for military spending. 
2. If we lower taxes on the rich, we'll bring in more money! 
3. The average American doesn't realize what a  profound thinker Michele Bachmann is because of the lies of the sexist liberal media. 
4. Government spending is bankrupting us; the government needs to stop spending so much on foreign aid and Planned Parenthood. But don't touch my Medicare or I'll scream "rationing"!
5. Once Obama is replaced by a Republican, we can all breathe easy. The economy will flourish like it did under George W.
6. The problem with our banking and health care systems is that we have any regulations at all. 
7. NPR and PBS and CNN are incredibly biased; Fox News tells us the truth.
8. Obama's a socialist (repeat at least four times a day). 
9. Atheists are bad, except for Ayn Rand and Christopher Hitchens--after all she hated the government and he supported the Iraq war.
10. Keith Olbermann's an obnoxious ideologue; Mark Levin and Michael Savage are just telling it like it is. 
11. Paul Krugman's not a real economist, but Peter Schiff and Art Laffer and anyone from the Cato Institute are. Real economists always support tax cuts and deregulation.
12. The 2008 collapse was all the fault of Barney Frank! No one else!
13. The EPA's attempts to regulate carbon emissions is one step away from Nazism.
14. A fertilized egg is a person because there's a small chance it could develop into one someday.

Responses at the site to my 14 points were not very friendly, I have to say. The word idiot was one of the kindest.