Friday, October 14, 2011


The title comes from this this clip I like from Animal House. On a more serious note, a poster (jeff1947) @ The Los Angeles Times website makes a great argument against the health care law: (The entire post is long, so I've just quoted a part of it). The whole post can be seen on this page at the Times' website.

I spent my entire working career in Germany.  If we wanted real health care reform, we would have adopted policies that work in countries such as Germany. If we wanted health care reform, we would have addressed the realities of why costs in this country are so much higher than in the rest of the industrial world and we did not. (Emphasis added).

By coincidence, I just finished reading a terrific book on worldwide health care systems, The Healing of America by T.R. Reid, and it comes to the same conclusion as the poster.  Reid points out a number of advantages German health care has over American health care system (go to p.67). Germany provides health care more generous health benefits at a much lower cost (11% of GDP v.17%). Every citizen can choose between over 200 plans and there are, unlike Canada, no long waiting lists. Jeff1947 in 2012!

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