Monday, June 20, 2011

Succinct analysis

Larry King was on Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz's CNN show, and he made some harsh but accurate criticisms of Fox and MSNBC:

KURTZ: You say that Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity at Fox don't have to dangerous.

KING: Well, their guests are -- they're props for their -- Fox is a forum. It's a forum for the Republican Party. MSNBC is a forum for the Democratic Party.

That's what they are. And denying that is silly. I think Roger Ailes is kind of a genius.

KURTZ: You're not saying that some journalists at those networks don't try to be fair, but certainly in the nighttime shows.

KING: They're not journalists. They're hosts of shows.

KURTZ: They get ratings, as you know --

KING: Yes.

KURTZ: -- having competed against them.

KING: That's what they do. But it's such a small box in the world.

King is 100% on the mark here. Any commentary I could make here would be superfluous.

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