Monday, June 27, 2011

I don't understand this argument

I saw this paragraph from a letter in the local paper today; it's a common argument against national health insurance: "Common sense tells us 30 million people cannot be added to health care without more doctors, nurses and hospitals, so he should be careful what he wishes for."

Note I said "common," not logical, reasonable, or sensible. A few questions need to be raised:

1. Didn't conservatives argue that the health care law was unnecessary because the uninsured were uninsured by choice? So why would these slackers suddenly start seeing doctors now?

2. Aren't those 30 million uninsured really covered anyway, being as they have access to the emergency room? I remember George Bush saying: We have national health insurance--you just go to the emergency room. So we're not really adding anyone to the insurance rolls.

3. To take the reductio ad absurdem of this argument: why not increase of the number of uninsured? If we increased the uninsured total to 100 million, we could really avoid rationing. More health care resources for the rest of us!

4. Nothing more:I think the point is made.

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