Thursday, December 23, 2010

My letter to a Tea Party leader

The woman's name is Dana Loesch, she appeared on Parker & Spitzer and spouted off more of the usual cliches. This is my e-mail, not answered:

I rarely get the chance to talk to a Tea Partier, as they tend to get really annoyed at me when I question them. Maybe you're different. I hope you'll do me the favor of answering a few questions.

I was just wondering about the claim you made that tax reductions increase revenue. That leads to a few questions: 1.Who/whatis your source for this belief? 2.Why would we need to reduce spending at all then, couldn't we just slash tax rates to 1% and watch the revenue flow in? 3.Could you name a single economist at any American university who supports the notion that tax reductions at the current rates will bring in more revenue? 4.Aren't conservatives generally against the concept of a free lunch?

You said anything not authorized by Art I, Sec 8 should be terminated. Is this politically realistic, short of a armed libertarian invasion and occupation of Washington D.C.? (Yes, I know armed libertarianism is an oxymoron. I'm making a point here) Should I expect the repeal of Medicare and Social Security once John Boehner becomes speaker? How many members of Congress are going to remove all programs not authorized by Sections 8, and how many would get reelected if they did? (The answers: no, no, zero, zero).

You described big business as a "bogeyman." Do you deny business interests influence our politicians? Is simply removing government going to bring utopia to America? Are there any circumstances you would support regulation of corporations, or is that ipso facto an evil?

Many liberal friends of mine say the Tea Party is racist. I always disagree. Racism isn't the problem with the movement; oversimplification of the world is the problem. Slogans do not lead to effective government.

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