Sunday, November 14, 2010

My (rare)defense of Fox News

Every five years or so, I feel obligated to defend Fox News. I'm not sure why. Don't expect it too often! But Rachel Maddow made such an inaccurate statement in her interview of Jon Stewart, I feel obliged to speak up. She said "Fox never criticized George Bush." That's manifestly untrue. On Fox, Bush was criticized for his support of "amnesty" for illegal aliens, for his attempted nomination of the unquailifed Harriet Miers, and even (less often) on his conduct of the Iraq war.

On a slightly related note, Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank made a good point on Howard Kurtz's show today. He said that it's ok for MSNBC and Fox to have a partisan or ideological agenda, but that they should come clean about it. I agree 100%. It drives me crazy that those networks continue to pretend to be objective. They're not. Disclosure is always a good thing in politics.

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