Saturday, October 09, 2010

She's a maniac,maniac

New York Times columnist Gail Collins addresses the question of which state has the worst election here. I agree with her conclusion—the "winner" is Nevada. To slightly oversimplify the issue, it's a hack v. a lunatic.

I especially liked these two paragraphs:

Angle did make an appearance last week at a rally of Tea Party supporters in Mesquite, where she responded to a question about “Muslims wanting to take over the United States” by decrying the fact that Dearborn, Mich., and Frankford, Tex., were governed under Islamic law, called Sharia. Which, of course, they are not.

The Associated Press, which reported on this event, noted that while Dearborn does at least have “a thriving Muslim community,” it was not clear why Angle picked on Frankford, Tex., which did not seem to have many Muslims, and also went out of existence around 1975. (emphasis added).

If I lived in Nevada, I would reluctantly vote for Reid, although I wouldn't blame anyone who voted for a third party.

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