Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Change? Not so much

My (Facebook) friend Chris Mooney wrote a 2005 book, The Republican War on Science. Mooney and others pointed out that the Bush administartion had censored scientists, altered scientific reports, and put bogus "facts" (e.g. abortion causes cancer) on government websites. Barack Obama ran as a friend of science, promising to restore it to its "rightful place". But, according to this story in the Los Angeles Times, things aren't getting any better.

From the Union of Concerned Scientists, a liberal advocacy group:

"Many of the frustrations scientists had with the last administration continue currently," said Francesca Grifo, the organization's director of scientific integrity.

For example, Grifo said, one biologist with a federal agency in Maryland complained that his study of public health data was purposefully disregarded by a manager who is not a scientist. The biologist, Grifo said, feared expressing his concerns inside and outside the agency.

Change we can believe in? Maybe in 2013. No, I take that back. Never happen.

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