Monday, June 07, 2010

More nonsense from a TP member

In a discussion group on Facebook, a tea party member actually said "Government has failed at everything it's done other than killing people." Fully conceding the government does bad and counterproductive things, I reject this statement. I will quote the esteemed physicist Lawrence Krauss:

“The increasingly blatant nature of the nonsense uttered with impunity in public discourse is chilling. Our democratic society is imperiled as much by this as any other single threat, regardless of whether the origins of the nonsense are religious fanaticism, simple ignorance or personal gain.”

Here's a few things government hasn't failed at (besides war, which even most of the TP members, if not Ron and Rand Paul recognize): cleaner air and water, funding scientific innovations, safer food and drugs, and the voting rights act. The TP movement, as I have said before, is not a conservative movement. It is a radical libertarian utopian movement. Like all utopian movements, it allows no dissent from the orthodoxy. I've been removed from Facebook pages and discussion boards for merely questioning their premises. No heretics allowed!

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