Saturday, January 16, 2010

More illogic from the WSJ editorial page

There was an editorial in The Wall Street Journal a few days ago, talking about antitrust and the NFL, that takes a cheap shot at Drew Brees. He wrote a column in the The Washington Post that the Journal editorial board disagrees with. The editorial refers to Brees,sarcastically, as a "renowned antitrust expert." True, Brees is no antitrust expert. But to be fair, neither are the Journal editorialists, none of which are antitrust lawyers. Why should I listen to them anymore than Brees? They have no more expertise in the subject than he does.

Since only expert opinion is valid, I call for the Journal to stop writing editorials on climate change, health care, economics,and any other issue they have no expertise in. It's nothing personal against the Journal, in fact they're on the few papers that publish my letters. All I'm asking for here is some consistency.

(See last post for more illogic from the Journal).

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