Thursday, December 03, 2009

Michael Moore, right and wrong

The Afghan troop surge doesn't make sense to me. Very few Al-Qaeda members are actually even in Afghanistan. The best critique of the surge— from a supporter of the President no less— was from Michael Moore on Larry King Live. His appearance is at his website Moore is especially on target when he asks "We're going to send more troops in order to decrease the troops? That doesn't make any sense." No, it doesn't. Moore also points out the absurdity of making a timeline in a war.

But now to criticize him a little, shouldn't his recent movie blasting capitalism be free to the public? Isn't charging money for a movie raw, brutal capitalism.

Query: why are most Republicans and conservatives supporting this move? Why doesn't their skepticism toward government also apply to foreign policy missions?

The argument I have heard recently—that the generals wanted the troop surge and we must listen to them— is very unconvincing. The United States is not a military dictatorship. We elect civilians to make policy decisions. Throughout history, Presidents have defied their generals. Lincoln got rid of a hesistant McClellan, Truman fired (rightly in my opinion) McArthur, and Johnson would have been advised not to listen so much to Westmoreland during the Vietnam War.

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