Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hopeless cause

A letter I submitted to the local paper:

The fight against man-induced climate change is hopeless. There is no good reason to believe the summit in Coperhagen will accomplish anything toward reducing the Earth's temperature. Past treaties have been unsuccessful in this goal. As the liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson has pointed out, carbon emissions actually have gone up 30% since the Kyoto protocol was ratified in 1997.

Even (very optimistically) assuming the U.S. is able to reduce emissions by the percentage President Obama has proposed (17% by 2020), China and India will more than make up for that with increasing emissions. There's no sense in agonizing over the issue anymore. As the late columnist James Burnham once said: where's there no solution, there's no problem.

I should point out that do not believe "global warming" is a hoax (it's actually climate change, but I'm too tired to explain the distinction). There is solid evidence that CO2 and methane do affect the climate. I would use the analogy to the war on drugs. It's not that drugs aren't dangerous, it's that prohibiting them is futile and counterproductive. (See the 1920s).

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