Saturday, December 19, 2009

Climate change and baseball

This article does a good job of rebutting the ridiculous claim in the media that a snowstorm disproves global warming. I think this is a good sports analogy: Imagine a commentator on ESPN covering a St. Louis Cardinals game saying Albert Pujols wasn't that good because he went 0 for 4 that day. This preposterous statement would probably get this person fired. It's no more absurd, though, than saying a storm in December disproves global warming. But because climate change is such an emotional issue, many people (mostly on the right, needless to say)accept such manifest nonsense as a legitimate argument.

There were record highs all over the country in the summer–does that prove global warming? No, because weather and climate are not the same. A five for five game from a mediocre baseball player does not make him a superstar. When someone argues that a hot or cold day proves or disproves global warming, explain to them all they are proving is confirmation bias ( see Wikipedia here for a full explanation).

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