Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama is not actually a Communist, believe it or not

I recently sent this letter to my local paper:

On July 10, there were no less than three letters denouncing Barack Obama as a radical leftist who is just waiting to take away our constitutional rights. While these writers are no doubt sincere in their belief, they're dead wrong. Want evidence? Fair enough. Let's look at a few of Obama's recent positions:

1. Has recently sent 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

2. Refused to end "no-ask, no-tell" in the military.

3. Called for the completion of the border fence with Mexico (see

4. Has defended the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

I wish the angry letter writers would actually visit a legitimate left-wing website. They would see that real leftists don't like or trust him.

(Not in letter): this is by no means a straw man, it is a common belief, one that much of my family holds. It is none the less false for being widely believed. One more example for my argument: Obama has refused to abandon the missile defense program.

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