Thursday, July 02, 2009

Letter I submitted to Wall Street Journal

Call Scott Adams' Analogy Police! An economist in the Wall Street Journal actually asks why there are no government run supermarkets since food is as important as health care. My response:

This is in response to George Newman's op-ed July 1, "Parsing the Health Reform Arguments." He makes a ridiculous argument against health care reform, asking why we don't have government run supermarkets. This analogy is absurd. No grocery store clerk or manager has ever raised my prices or denied me food for a pre-existing eating condition. I'm not aware of millions of people being barred from Albertson's or Publix for an eating disorder. Mr. Newman says he is an economist. I believe him. As physicist Steven Weinberg has said: You have to be very learned to be that wrong.

What CNN considers important (not sure why).

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