Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recall Arnold!

Dare to dream! This letter to the Union-tribune (San Diego) sums it up (the writer is one Louis A. Bajkai, fellow resident of my city of Carlsbad): "Many of the budget cuts advocated by Arnold Schwarzenegger would result in huge losses in federal funding to the state." Bajkai cites the examples of Medical, CalWorks, Healthy Families, and In-Home Supportive Services—whose combined cuts of 4.35 billion would lose California 9.1 billion. I'm no mathematician, but that doesn't make a lot of financial sense.

I wonder why Arnold is going to cut these programs; there are two possibilities, neither of them reflecting well on the Governor. The first is that he's so dumb he doesn't realize he's losing money by cutting these programs. The second is that he, like many Republicans, figures the recipients aren't voting for him anyway and wants to cut them out of spite. I can't read Arnold's mind, so I'll let my fellow California residents decide.

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