Monday, May 04, 2009

My letter to local paper

I'm too lazy to post anything new, so I'm going to reprint my letter criticizing Al Gore:

Al Gore's movie not a reliable source

Michael McNulty (Letters, April 29) accuses critics of Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," of being global-warming deniers, afraid of the facts.

Mr. McNulty seems to think either you embrace the movie or you're an anti-science propagandist. This is a false dichotomy.

Perhaps Mr. McNulty is unaware that many people—myself included—accept that man influences the climate, but do not accept Gore's movie as a reliable source on the subject. A number of mainstream scientists have spoken or written against Gore's fearmongering. UC Berkeley professor of physics Richard Muller, in his excellent book, "Physics for Future Presidents," accuses Gore's film of "exaggeration, mixed with distortion, and a good deal of cherry-picking." Muller strongly believes in man-made global warming.

More examples? Renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, also a believer in global warming, has accused Gore of being an opportunist and an exaggerator. Bjorn Lomborg, in his book "Cool It," has shown that much of Gore's alarmism is unjustified. Lomborg, who accepts man-made global warming, shows that the stories of polar bears disappearing from global warming are false.

Mr. McNulty calls for "truth, facts and common sense." I fully agree, which is why I can't endorse "An Inconvenient Truth."

Further comment: I urge every reader to pick up a copy of Muller's and Lomborg's book. Both are calm, scientific analysises of climate change. Freeman Dyson has a book with one chapter on climate change, the book's name is A Many-Colored Glass. There are two common positions on global warming/climate change: denial and alarmism. Both are wrong. As I said in the letter, the "debate" is a false dilemma.

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