Thursday, April 09, 2009

Where is God, Jesus, and the rest

This post is primarily for my Christian friends, who sincerely believe in the resurrection of Jesus and the divine power of God. Recently, a earthquake hit Italy and not only killed hundreds, it destroyed many old churches. Why do I mention churches being destroyed, when human life is so much more important? Well, I'm just curious why Jesus in heaven would allow damage to holy buildings. OK, the tsunami in Indonesia killed far more, but those were primarily Muslims and perhaps not under Jesus' protection. But this is different. Sacred buildings were destroyed—how could a God who is loving (allegedly) allow this to happen?

I have a heretical thought, in the wake of the disaster: perhaps there just isn't any God and Christianity (and all other religions) are false. As Sam Harris pointed out, if there is a designer he created smallpox, which killed hundreds of millions of people. Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate in physics, puts it well in his book Dreams of a Final Theory: The God of birds and trees is also the God of cancer and birth defects. I personally see no evidence for a benevolent God; the one I prayed to as a young Jew not so long ago. For religious readers, I have one last question: if there is a God, why has he allowed 99% of the species he created to die?

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