Thursday, April 09, 2009

False dilemma on health care

Conservatives are warning Americans that if we reform our health care system, trouble lies ahead. We will be rationing care and facing long lines for surgery like in Britain or Canada. But this is just not true. Our alternatives do not lie solely between keeping a bad system and moving to a different, but also terrible, system. Ezra Klein puts it well in this column: there is a third way that many countries have adapted, to great success. In countries like France and Germany, as people like Paul Krugman have pointed out, there are no waiting lines. (They also don't have any uninsured people, but that's another point I won't go into right now.)

So when a Republican friend says national health insurance will lead to rationing, don't listen to him or her. Explain what a false dilemma is—and pass them my blog post. I'm not one of those MSM Democratic toadies, so they can trust me.

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