Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FOX News does GOP's bidding, again

Many conservatives--who should know better--argue Fox News is in fact fair and balanced. I have always thought they were in bed with (not literally, at least to my knowledge) the Republicans, but this story really shows just how bad it is. Reading GOP press releases verbatim? You've got to at least fake originality a little better.

Slightly related subject: someone at the Amazon.com website responded negatively to a book review of mine that criticized FOX News. My critic responded that MSNBC was biased as well. While I agree with him (or her)that MSNBC is biased as well, that point was irrelevant to my argument. My correspondent was committing the fallacy of ad hominem tu quoque, i.e. if you call me fat, it's true even if you're fat as well. I urge anyone reading this to pick up a copy of Jamey Whyte's Crimes Against Logic, a devastating attack on bad reasoning and poor arguments.

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