Thursday, January 29, 2009

No to stimulus pact

I am not a libertarian who reflexively opposes every spending bill. I think the economy could use an infusion of money. But this "stimulus pact" goes way too far. We simply can't afford the close to trillion dollars this will cost us. The original bill passed by the House was $820 billion, and news reports said it will be more expensive once passed by the Senate. The government has spent trillions of dollars on the wars and bailouts, Social Security is facing trouble down the road, and we still haven't addressed the health care issue. I see massive inflation down the road, and nothing good can come from that.


rod said...

i'm gonna hold my judgment on this issue. there's usually never an easy answer to a complex issue. Some people are even saying that whatever bill is signed by Obama will *still* be too small.

Jack Davis said...

Some people--e.g. The Nation magazine have said it is too small. I think it's too big, when we already have massive deficits.