Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A proposal for peace in the Prop 8 wars

There's a lot of anger over Prop 8 in California, which passed narrowly, banning gay marriage and is danger of being overturned by the Attorney General. As an opponent of Prop 8 who seeks a compromise acceptable to both parties, I propose the folowing amendment to the California Constitution: Homosexuals shall not pay California income tax as long as Prop 8 is the law of the land.

Special priviliges for a minority, you ask? Not at all. Since homosexuals, who are here legally and pay taxes, are being denied rights that heterosexuals enjoy, they should not be forced to pay taxes to a government that treats them as second-class citizens. Let's use a historical anaology: Should blacks in the early 20th century in the South have been forced to pay taxes to governments that denied them rights? I say, unequivocally, no!

So, my conservative friends, here's a deal: you can stop what you consider the horror of gay marriage, but the state's finances will suffer. But, surely, paying a little more tax is worth it to keep these sinners from getting married?

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