Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My ten point plan for saving America

No reader of this blog is going to like all of these, so bring on the complaints (calmly and rationally please):

1. Secure the southern border with Mexico while allowing for a path to legalization for those already here (yes, AMNESTY, if you want to use that word)
2. Abolish the Federal Reserve and put the dollar back on gold. That's how we can stop inflation.
3. Insitute ASAP a single-payer health care plan, like France's. No more spending billions on overhead for private health insurance companies.
4. Decriminalize drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and LSD. Regulate and tax it. Users will be sent to treatment, not to jail. We didn't have drug laws until the beginning of the 20th century. Were we a nation of zombies before 1910?
5. Move gradually to nuclear power. It is much cleaner and safety concerns are overblown. Just ask the people of France. Not every factory manager will be Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.
6. Simplify the tax code, while still keeping it progressive. Only deductions should be charitable contributions and mortgage interest. Perhaps a top rate of 25% for those making $500,000 plus, 15% for $125,000 to $500,000, and 10% for all others. (I'm flexible on the numbers).
7. Payroll taxes should be abolished. All revenue needed for government functions can be paid out of the general revenue, rather than taking it out of the worker's paycheck. That would create jobs and cut taxes on the working poor.
8. All "social" questions such as gay marriage and abortion should be left to the people-not the courts- of the individual states.
9. All racial preferences, a.k.a. affirmative action, should be abolished, for all groups.
10. All candidates for federal office who refuse public money should be entitled to public financing.


nunya said...

mmm. Looks like a pretty good list, although the old saying you get what you pay for might be thrown in there for tax percentages. Europeans have national health care, but they do pay higher taxes. Then again if multi-national corporations were yanked back into the US and forced to pay their fair share (you said 25% that's a start) the tax burdon on us lil uns might go down to 10%.

I did smile when I saw this one: "Abolish the Federal Reserve and put the dollar back on gold. That's how we can stop inflation."

Have you heard Greg Palast
(his folks live here by the way) talk about Poppy Bush and Barrick gold and the shit they pulled in Tanzania?

rachel said...

I totally agree with you on points 5-9. Well put. I like your blog's mission. I'm usually in the cooking/baking blogosphere but every once in a while venture out-so I can feed my head as well. Keep up the good work.