Friday, May 02, 2008

Right-wing fool of the week

Congratulations to Laura Ingraham, talk show host, author, and guest host on The O'Reilly Factor (strange how his hosts are never liberal or moderate). She stated, responding to O'Reilly's statement that Iraq was a "mess", that Iraq was doing great and that there had been much progress in that country. Really? How does Ms.Ingraham arrive at this conclusion? Was it the result of careful, dispassionate analysis? Or was it, as I'm inclined to believe, her dogmatic, mediocre mind seeing what she wants to see? In fact, there has not been progress at all. Anyone who reads the newspapers (which would not include President Bush) can easily see that the situation in Iraq is getting worse every month. Unlike Ingraham, I'll produce some evidence to support my assertion:

"U.S. death toll reaches 7-month high, 50 personnel die in April," (San Diego Union Tribune May 1, 2008. (This was the day before a suicide bomb killed 35 more people). The article further says: "Iraqi civilian deaths also remained high following the Iraqi crackdown on Shiite militias." There's a lot more bad news in the article, but the point is--I believe--made. Wake up and smell the civil war, Laura.

I'm not partisan by any means. I'll try to have "left-wing fool of the week" next week.


nunya said...

I can't stand the UT. Sometimes they do well at exposing the entrenched corruption (Cunningham) and sometimes they're ok with the local stories, but mostly they veer so far to the right (Bowtie Bob, blech) that I just can't read it. The comments get downright nasty and stupid toward "liberals." Sometimes I wonder if some of the commenters have ever looked up the word liberal in a dictionary?

Jack Davis said...

It's funny, my right-wing friends think it's a liberal paper. Really!