Thursday, May 15, 2008

Liberals vs. Obama

There is a great political rant by a liberal against Obama at this great blog I just saw called The Liberal Rapture. This is an excellent case against Obama. The blogger, rightly in my opinion, calls the Obama movement a cult. My favorite line from the blog: "He has willfully associated with bigots, slumlords and terrorists to further his career. (Yes, William Ayres is a terrorist.)" At my local paper's discussion forum (, the Obama fanatics launch the most absurd, unfair attacks against you if you dare criticize their hero.

Paul Krugman, liberal New York Times columnist, also had an excellent column on Obama May 9: (registration required). Krugman points out that Obama is not connecting with blue-collar white voters. Whether because of racial reasons or his elitist comments last month, Obama lost North Carolina and Indiana whites by over 20 points. My guess is that he doesn't do much better in November among these people. I predict (I stress I am not making an endorsement) is that McCain beats him solidly.