Friday, March 28, 2008

Worst column of the year

Even Ruben Navarette would be embarassed to write a column this bad: courtesy of Timothy Egan of the New York Times here. There are so many absurd statements and logical fallacies it's hard to know where to begin. Question to Mr. Egan: Who is calling for the deportation of 12 million illegal immigrants? Please name these people. And--this should be obvious-- the fear of Jeremiah Wright is not that he is a black preacher, it is that he is spewing anti-American, anti-Israeli propaganda. I notice Wright, in Egan's eyes, is not a demagogue,merely a victim of demagogues.

The candidate of ignorance

John McCain doesn't seem to know a whole about-- well, anything. He openly admits he doesn't know anything about economics. He doesn't know the difference between Iranian Shiites and Al-Qaeda Sunnis. He also has no clue how to solve the mortgage crisis- other to repeat free market shibboleths. He does know, however, that Islamic terrorists are bad. No argument from me there. I'm reminded of the Sam Cooke song: "Don't know much about history, don't know much about geography.." See this link at the San Diego Examiner.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is this the best we can do?

It seems likely that the Presidential election will be between Barack Obama and John McCain. I can't in good conscience vote for or endorse either of them. Obama's connections to radical preacher Jeremiah Wright and his wife's obvious anti- Americanism disqualify him. On the other hand, McCain's neoconservative positions (hard line with Russia and Iran) and embrace of the spurious doctrine of supply-side economics (i.e voodoo economics)make him unacceptable. There is no way for an independent like myself to vote for either of these men.

I would like to start a third party. Perhaps we can call it the Populist Party. (Not original, but a good name nonetheless). Our philosophy will be simple. We will stand up for the vast majority of the people against the powerful lobbyists. We will be champions of true democracy. We will eschew dogma of both the left and right. If we only had a candidate...