Friday, February 01, 2008

Ann Coulter's silly argument

Right-wing talking head and author Ann Coulter has declared she will vote for Hillary over McCain. She believes, sincerely, that Clinton is to McCain's right. (No, really). See here for video from Huffington Post. Of course, as you might assume, this is preposterous. It is demonstrably false. I took a quick look at the American Conservative Union's web site ( They rate all Congressmen and Senators on a 0-100 scale. Let's look at their numbers:

For the year 2006:
McCain 65
Clinton 8
Lifetime rating:
McCain 82.3
Clinton 9

How can anyone seriously argue that Hillary is more conservative than McCain? You can't. Coulter has merely exercised her right to be thought a fool. Not surprisingly, she has previously written that evolution is a lie, pushed on a credulous public by atheistic biologists. Reality called, Ann. It misses you.

Also, see here the ratings from liberal website Americans for Democratic Action, for the year 2006:
McCain 15
Hillary 95

End of argument; case closed. Under no circumstances, should anyone--whatever their ideology-- trust anything Coulter has to say.


nunya said...

Hi Jack,

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I can see that we have some things in common and some differences. Hmmmm. Could be interesting. I loathe T Carlson, & I have dubbed him "Tucker the_____"(it rhymes)

This is what I think of Ann Coulter

Jack Davis said...

"I can see that we have some things in common and some differences"

What differences are you referring to? I'll be glad to set you straight:-)