Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No sanctions on Iran

I've probably said it before, but Ron Paul (R-Texas) is my favorite Congressman. To name just a few issues that he's on the side of the angels: border security, ending the "war on drugs", the war in Iraq, abolishing the Federal Reserve, etc.. Now Paul is rightly opposing sanctions in Iran. He makes his case at his website :

(They) increase poverty and misery among the very poorest inhabitants of targeted nations, and they breed tremendous resentment against those imposing them. But they rarely hurt the political and economic elites responsible for angering American leaders in the first place. While embargoes sound like strong, punitive action, in reality they represent a failed policy that four decades of experience prove doesn't work. Conversely, economic engagement is perhaps the single most effective tool in tearing down dictatorships and spreading the message of liberty.

Exactly. We can look back to the sanctions against Iraq. They killed many innocent Iraqis while doing nothing to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Let's not make the same mistake in Iran. I know there's a desire among the American people to get tough with Iran, an admittedly nasty regime, but this is not the answer.

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