Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's the big deal?

I strongly dislike Vice President Dick Cheney. He is a consummate liar. One egregious example of this was his claim that there was a verified meeting between a 9-11 terrorist and a Iraqi inteligence agent (the story was discredited by the FBI). I hold him as responsible as anyone for the disastrous Iraq war. He is also a vulgar man who told a U.S. Senator to f-ck himself.

Having said that, I don't see the point of the vast media coverage of his hunting accident. This, like the Monica Lewinsky "scandal", does not concern the American public. It is a private mistake. Hunting accidents, unfortunately, happen. People blasting shotguns in the woods is a dangerous activity. Let's focus on some real issues--such as Bush's false claims that there was a thwarted terror attack on L.A. Time to move on.


James Taylor said...

I don't think the media or government treated the Monica Lewensky scandal as a private matter. Remember "Ken Starr" spent approximately $60 million in tax payers dollars to investigate a BJ.

Jack Davis said...
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Jack Davis said...


No, they didn't--and that upsets me even today. They should have treated it as such. Clinton betrayed his wife, not the country, and the American public didn't need to know about it. (And polls showed most Americans didn't want to know about it).

nima said...

It is kind of like Lewensky thing... But that's why I like to see the Republicans get the taste of their medicine a little... as James said, it is not the same as spending $60 milloion of it, but it is just fun to see them say, "let's just move on!" I think they should create their website too!