Monday, February 06, 2006

One-world economy?

U.S. economic sovereignty is threatened by globalist elites looking to integrate all national economies into a single economic union. John Birch Society paranoia, right? Not at all. This is the conclusion of a mainstream economist, Jeff Faux, writing in the The Nation. Faux quotes a former director-general of the World Trade Organization as saying-ominously?-: "We are no longer writing the rules of interaction among separate national economies. We are writing the constitution of a single global economy." (Emphasis added by Faux.)

What does this one-world economy mean to average Americans? Faux thinks (and I agree) the world economy will be structured like the disastrous NAFTA treaty where "international investors are given extraordinary rights to override government protections of workers and the environment." Remember GATT? Unelected bureaucrats were invalidating U.S. environmental, health, and safety laws under the guise of "free trade." We need to stop this transformation of sovereignty now before our economy is reduced to the level of a Third World country.


David Schantz said...

"We need to stop this transformation of sovereignty now before our economy is reduced to the level of a Third World country" Do you have any ideas on how we can do that? I think that has been the free traders (traitors) plan all along. I think our only hope is to get so called third party candidates elected to office in all levels of government.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Jack Davis said...

That is an excellent question. We need to clone Ron Paul 300 times and elect all of his clones to Congress. Seriously, it will take a vast grass-roots movement, similiar to the civil rights movement. The cry must be: Preserve our national sovereignty now! Party hacks who support awful things like NAFTA and GATT must be challenged in the primaries and eliminated from public life. Anti-free trade liberals and conservatives must join forces. It won't be easy- but it can be done.

Let's get started!

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

I agree with David that the quickest answer would be to MANDATE third party candidates be allowed to participate in our democracy via national debates. That alone would have major, positive effects. Take for instance, our porous borders issues the candidates of the 2 party system will only give lip service to. Now imagine a Ross Perot type FORCING the 2 party candidates to state a clear stance on the issue. Even if the third parties fail to get elected (as Perot) did, they could put TREMENDOUS pressure upon the 2 party system almost overnight - IF the 2 party candidates are FORCED to allow them to participate in national debates.

Baby steps first, but that would be a BIGGIE, believe me.

Great blog, Sir!

Jack Davis said...

Excellent idea, gun toter. Also, thanks for the compliment. I think we need to adopt some sort of proportional representation in our elections. I'll probably blog about this soon.

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