Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush a dictator?

OK, back from Vegas a little poorer. Let's jump right in. One of my favorite conservative writers, William Norman Grigg, has a thought-provoking article entitled Bush: Saddam with nukes? While I think Grigg is a little over the top in comparing Bush to Hussein, his basic point-Bush is a lawless leader- is on the mark. The recent wiretapping scandal proves Bush is a law onto himself. I'll quote a key paragraph from Grigg's article:

The Bush Doctrine, as I have pointed out before, is essentially this: The president can do what he wants, anytime, in any fashion he chooses, for any reason that strikes his fancy. This includes waging wars of aggression, summary imprisonment of individuals (including US citizens) without trial or legal recourse, and ordering assassinations and the use of torture.

Like me, Grigg calls for the impeachment of Bush before he can further damage our constitutional system. It's refreshing to see a principled conservative break away from the FOX News/ Washington Times pro-Bush apologists.

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