Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What's he hiding

Alright, my computer's back working after being down. I'll get right back in with a quick take. The Bush administration is covering up its misdeeds under the justification of protecting national security. To wit, Vice President Cheney --according to the staunchly rightist American Conservative--is refusing to turn over to the Senate Intelligence Committee the CIA brief of Sept 21 that flatly announced Saddam Hussein was not allied with Al-Qaeda (I have previously referred to this report in a previous post). Under the guise of "national security", Cheney is trying to suppress information that would be damaging to the White House. Of course, Cheney's pretense is, well, a pretense. This report was already well-known to the national press--though not to Congress. There is no justification for Cheney's stonewalling.

The article in the magazine (not available online) goes on to further state that Pat Roberts, the Republican lackey who chairs the Intelligence Committee, will work to "limit the political damage from his committee's investigation, but that much of the incriminating information will be leaked by the Democratic Senators." I say: Good for them, leak away. The American people deserve to know the truth about the liars in the White House.

In other news, see this editorial in the New Republic for a balanced assessment of Judge Alito. The article makes a good case for rejecting Alito without resorting to the demagoguery some of the Democratic Senators have used.

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