Thursday, January 12, 2006

Time for filibuster

I rarely endorse using the filibuster. The U.S. Senate is already too undemocratic now. However, in the case of Judge Alito, the Democrats absolutely should filibuster. These hearings are a fraud. Alito won't answer any questions pertaining to his judicial philosophy. One example: Senator Schumer asked Alito if he stood by his 1985 opinion that abortion is not a Constitutional right. This question certainly deserved an honest answer. Alito chose not to answer the question. This is a man who wants to be on the most influential court in America for the rest of his life and he is dodging and weaving on the few questions he actually deigns to answer. Contrary to Alito's view of a unitary executive, the Senate clearly has the right under the advice and consent clause to know at least something of his judicial philosophy.

Also see this article from the Nation for more on Alito.


Baby said...

If you tell truth, as a non-leftwinger, you wont get confirmed. Lying is the cost of admission.

Jack Davis said...

How do you figure? There is a Republican majority on the court, and most of them would vote for Charles manson if Bush nominated him. Alito's evasions are making a mockery of the advise and consent clause. I don't think it's unreasonable for a man seeking a lifetime appointment on the nation's highest court to answer some questions on his constitutional philosophy. And don't use Robert Bork as an example of your argument-- the Democrats were a majority then.