Wednesday, January 04, 2006

No to Sammy

I had not yet taken a position on Alito's confirmation, as I wanted to get all the facts in before opining (radical concept, I know). I believe there is enough information in for me to finally come to a conclusion, namely:NO. Alito's position on the Fourth Amendment, executive power, and the rights of the accused in death penalty cases have convinced me that he should not be confirmed. Alito, to me at least, is no conservative, but a radical right-winger unconcerned with the civil liberties of the American people. I believe he is correct, as I have stated before on this blog, that abortion is not a constitutional right. One issue alone does not a judge make, however. Being as the Bush administration is apparently drunk with power (e.g. NSA spying),this is no time for confirming a judge that will probably uphold abuses of executive power.

As pointed out in this article by Ruth Coniff Alito has a troubling authoritarian streak. One troubling example- Alito upheld a strip search of a ten year old girl and her mother who were found in the home of a suspected drug dealer. The warrant issued did not permit such a search. The majority of the judges on the panel took a contrary position.Nor was this case atypical. Alito apparently always sides with the police in criminal cases. This bias shows a lack of independent thought and good judgement. A true conservative is wary of unchecked power, whether from the police, the FBI, or the White House. I cannot support Alito's confirmation and will urge my U.S. Senators to vote against him.

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nima said...

I disagree with you on one thing in this commentary. Abortion may or may not be a Constitutional right, but freedom of choice is.