Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Worst president ever?

According to historian and columnist Richard Reeves (see entire article here), George Bush is considered the worst president ever by 50 out of 415 historians recently polled by The History News Network at George Mason University. So is G.W. Bush the worst president ever, or are the historians just blinded by liberal bias? The answers: not quite and probably.

As of right now, Woodrow Wilson holds the dubious honor of being the worst president ever. I say that now with a caveat. If a terrorist slips over our porous border and sets off a nuclear bomb, I would rank Bush as the worst ever. In four years since 9-11, he has done nothing to secure the borders of this country from invasion. As the 9-11 commission recently concluded, this country is still very vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Bush is guilty of gross negligence, at the very least.

Why, you ask, is Woodrow Wilson the worst president to ever take office? He did a lot of bad things for sure, such as creating the Federal Reserve, but that pales before his worst offense: dragging a reluctant country into World War I. I believe strongly that American involvement in WWI set the table for the rise of Nazism and the even greater horrors of World War II. My argument is that had Wilson been a statesman, instead of a British stooge, he could have brought both sides to the negotiating table and had a real "peace without victory." (That phrase was used, absurdly, by Wilson to describe what would happen at Versailles after the war). Instead, U.S. involvement allowed the Allies to crush Germany and impose a harsh, unjust peace on that country. The German economy collapsed after the war. The harsh peace at Versailles created the conditions that allowed a demagogue like Hitler to come to power.

So Bush is not yet the worst president ever, with all due respect to the historians in the survey.


Baby said...

Ulysses Grant was probably the worst ever--totally inept and incompetant, his ministers robbed the country blind. The only saving grace is he was so incompetant he couldn't cause any real harm. Wilson may be "worst" in the sense he was the most harmful.

David Schantz said...

The worst President ever, this could be debated for a long time. LBJ for Vietnam, Nixon for Watergate. At one time I would have said Carter, but someone defended him by saying he didn't do anything. I think this proves we need to start working harder when voting someone into office.I think it's time for a so called third party president, one that is not controlled by the CFR or Trilateral Commission.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic

Jack Davis said...


I could not agree with you more that a third party candidate would be better for the country, but I don't see how one could win. The two major parties have colluded to keep other parties off the ballot. And you can forget being invited to the debates- just ask ralph nader. The Establishment media will not treat a third party candidate seriously, making hard for him/her to get the message across. I'll have to blog this at some later date.