Sunday, December 11, 2005

Toleration of dissent

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Now, to the burning issue of the day: Jonathan Chait's article. Chait is a great writer, but he is wrong in his central thesis. He believes dissent among the left is more tolerated than it is among conservatives. I think the opposite is true; the left wing in America tolerates almost no dissent. Pro-life Democrats, for example, are far less welcome in their party than are pro-choice Republicans are in theirs. Joe Lieberman had to come before Maxine Waters in sackcloth and ashes to plead for forgiveness for opposing racial preferences. Colin Powell, on the other hand, was welcome in the Republican party despite his support for affirmative action. The Democrats are losing elections because they are following Lenin's old strategy: reducing your base rather than expanding it. All liberals who support the Democratic party should be concerned. If you want to win some elections, stop letting NARAL and the NAACP enforce a rigid party discipline. I should point out this is objective criticism, as I have no liking for the Republican party either.

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Baby said...

Think they are tolerant? Try going to the Christian Coalition conference with an "Abortion Doctor for Hire" T-shirt. . . they'll tear you apart like an unwanted protoplasmic stem cell