Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rumsfeld must go

Richard Cohen has a great article in the Washington Post saying what I have been saying since 2003: Don Rumsfeld is incompetent and must be fired immediately. As Cohen points out, Rumsfeld is responsible for almost every major mistake in Iraq: the lack of sufficient troops, the disbanding of the Iraqi Army under the oversight of the incompetent Paul Bremer, and the dismissal of the post-war looting as insignificant.

Of course, Bush will not fire Rumsfeld. That would be admitting a mistake, which he is apparently incapable of doing. He tried to make war on the cheap, without sufficient forces and armor and the result is the fiasco we now see in Iraq. This is a shame, as this war might have been won with better planning. We'll never know for sure what a President Gore or Kerry would have done. Then again, they might have had the common sense to stay out of Iraq in the first place.


David Schantz said...

I'm not a Rumsfeld fan but I'd like to hear about who his replacement might be before we fire him. While Kerry or Gore might not have sent troops to Iraq I'm afraid they might have attacked the Second Amendment.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic

Jack Davis said...

David, I understand your concern about Rumsfeld's replacement. However, I think when someone does a job this poorly, he has to be held accountable, even if there is no great replacement waiting. (Which there probably isn't).

As for Kerry or Gore, I think the NRA would have stopped any gun control legislation they might have proposed.