Friday, December 16, 2005

No to McCain in 2008

I will not, under any circumstances, support John McCain for president in 2008. I have three primary reasons for my opposition:

1. His weak support of border control/ immigration reform. He has a bill, yes, but it does little to solve the problem of our porous borders.

2. His "campaign finance reform" legislation, i.e. restrictions on campaign speech and the First Amendment. It is now illegal to even mention an incumbent's name in a campaign commercial 60 days before an election. Senator, what part of "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech" do you not understand?

3. Worst of all, his recent bill banning harsh treatment of prisoners. This is not, as many in the media have portrayed it, an antitorture bill. This bill applies to tactics that are harsh but not inherently acts of torture. This bill will make it much harder for our intelligence agents to obtain information from captured terrorists. See this article by Andrew McCarthy of National Review Online. (Memo to President Bush: you are allowed to veto legislation; it's in the Constitution, not that you've read it).

I did not mention his support of Iraq war, because reasonable people can disagree on that issue. Also, I must concede McCain has done some things I approve of, such as opposing pork barrel spending and the regressive Bush tax cuts. Overall, though, I do not approve of his actions as a U.S. Senator and cannot support him for President in 2008.

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