Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gross negligence

I have written before that George Bush has done nothing in the four years since 9-11 to secure the borders. We remain vulnerable to a terrorist attack, notwithstanding the "fight them in Iraq instead of here" argument. Recently, the 9-11 commission condemned the administration and Congress for neglecting homeland security. See Eric Alterman's piece in the Nation for the complete story. As Alterman points out, the Bush administration is guilty of the following derelictions (and more):

1. allocating homeland security funding based on pork-barrel politics, not on risk
2.refusing to declassify the intelligence budget, thereby precluding effective Congressional oversight of budget priorities
3. not securing weapons of mass destruction

I'm not trying to be alarmist, but I am concerned about the nation's security. President Bush apparently isn't concerned about that at all. See also this article from the New Republic. One sentence sums it up:

Through passivity or, more often, active opposition, President Bush has repeatedly stifled efforts to strengthen domestic safeguards against further terrorist attacks.

As I have said before, Bush deserves impeachment lying us into war; he deserves just as much condemnation for his laissez-faire approach to homeland security.

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