Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Failure of democracy in CA

This is a day of disappointment for all Californians. The governor submitted several bold reform plans to the people of California. They were all defeated and none really came that close to passing. Prop 73 (the abortion notification bill), which I have argued for before on this blog, went down fairly soundly. Even worse, Prop 77, which would have taken support of redistricting away from the legislators who draw up districts to ensure their reelection, went to an even more overwhelming defeat. I don't understand this completely, but I will point to two major factors:

1. large amounts of special interest money (e.g. the drug companies outspent Prop 79 proponents 40 to 1 according to a newspaper report).

2. voter ignorance/apathy- I regrettably think that most of this state's residents just didn't care enough to educate themselves on the issues.

On that bitter note, I close. Taking a vacation until next week, but feel free to leave any comments.


Baby said...

The state is really the worse off now.

Baby said...

Probably the result of not having the old literacy tests at the polls. . . The morons outnumber the wise