Thursday, October 27, 2005

Coach under attack by PC crowd

Air Force football head coach Fisher DeBerry has been in the news recently. Not for his team's performance on the field, which hasn't been too remarkable, but for a racial comment. He dared to say that "Afro-American" players are faster than white players and that his team would be better if he had more black players.

Granted, his complaint about not having enough black players is silly, as he does recruit the players himself. But his comments regarding the superiority of the black athlete, widely criticized by the ultra-sensitive, were exactly right. He apologized, but why? There's a reason black players are represented in college football, the NFL, and the NBA far beyond their proportion in the general population. It is because they are better athletes. Take one example: How many white cornerbacks are in the NFL? I don't know, but my educated guess is zero. I challenge anyone who disagrees with me to name one white athlete who can run with Darrell Green or Deion Sanders, or jump with LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

Max Kellerman, an intelligent boxing analyst for ESPN, said it well: "We are not ready for an honest discussion on race in this country." This is because if anyone mentions even obvious truths that are politically incorrect, they are demonized, accused of "
racism" or "insensitivity," and pressured to shut up. (I use the quote marks because I do not regard these as legitimate words, because they have no stable meaning. Being poorly defined, they can mean whatever a race-baiter wants them to mean).


Anonymous said...

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Baby said...

The reason they are crying: Because atletic success implies to the NAACP crowd that blacks are less intelligent (the old 'breed 'em for work').

Someone else wrote "Fisher DeBerry is simply making excuses for his team doing poorly "

Chris said...

Actually there are quite a few white cornerbacks in the NFL. I don't know the exact number but there are a few. Okay, maybe 4 or 5, but there are some.

The fastest guy on the US 4x400 relay is white. And he might be the fastest man alive right now. Jeremy Wariner is his name I think.

Jack Davis said...

MJ, are you sure you're not confusing cornerbacks with safeties? Even if there are, say 4 white cornerbacks, that's still a pretty low number. I would also bet no white cornerback save the overhyped Jaon Sehorn (played in New York and married an actress) has made the Pro Bowl. As for Jeremy Wariner, there are always exceptions to every general rule.

Chris said...

Four still beats your bet of zero.

Seahorn was cool. He should not have gotten married. He was so much better single.

Wariner is unreal. The guy can run. I think there is a double standard on whites in sports.

Thanks for always reading and commenting on my site.