Monday, October 31, 2005

Scooter, we hardly knew ye

Before I get to my main point, I strongly encourage all readers to check out Sam Harris' brilliant article on Islamic fundamentalism. If you have not read his book The End of Faith you are missing a terrific, devastating critique of religious fundamentalism, particularly that of Islamic fundamentalism. For some strange reason, CAIR isn't trying to silence him,at least not yet (to the best of my knowledge).

As for Lewis "Scooter" Libby, I think he's getting a raw deal. I still fail to see what he did that was so terrible. (If someone who has followed this case closely disagrees, please let me know why I am wrong).If you want villains, I've got two for you: Karl Rove and Robert Novak. They were the ones who went after Valerie Plame and blew her cover. Apparently, Fitzgerald couldn't get the real miscreants and had to come up with some indictment to justify his investigation. I grant you a grown man really shouldn't go by Scooter, but bad taste in names doesn't call for an indictment.

I'm going to reserve judgement on Judge Alito for now. I actually believe in weighing the evidence on both sides before making a decision, unlike the loud party hacks rushing to judgement. (I'm talking to you, Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh).

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Coach under attack by PC crowd

Air Force football head coach Fisher DeBerry has been in the news recently. Not for his team's performance on the field, which hasn't been too remarkable, but for a racial comment. He dared to say that "Afro-American" players are faster than white players and that his team would be better if he had more black players.

Granted, his complaint about not having enough black players is silly, as he does recruit the players himself. But his comments regarding the superiority of the black athlete, widely criticized by the ultra-sensitive, were exactly right. He apologized, but why? There's a reason black players are represented in college football, the NFL, and the NBA far beyond their proportion in the general population. It is because they are better athletes. Take one example: How many white cornerbacks are in the NFL? I don't know, but my educated guess is zero. I challenge anyone who disagrees with me to name one white athlete who can run with Darrell Green or Deion Sanders, or jump with LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

Max Kellerman, an intelligent boxing analyst for ESPN, said it well: "We are not ready for an honest discussion on race in this country." This is because if anyone mentions even obvious truths that are politically incorrect, they are demonized, accused of "
racism" or "insensitivity," and pressured to shut up. (I use the quote marks because I do not regard these as legitimate words, because they have no stable meaning. Being poorly defined, they can mean whatever a race-baiter wants them to mean).

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bush to conservatives: drop dead

Social conservatives of the country unite: You have nothing to lose but your chains. George Bush despises you. The invaluable Jonathan Chait has an excellent article in the New Republic showing just how much Bush has exploited the social/religious conservatives. Already upset over Bush's non-response to our immigration catastrophe, conservatives are raging mad.

Even though Harriet Miers is a good bowler (thank the New York Times for that oh-so relevant fact), her nomination is a poke in the eye to the religious and social conservatives who supported George Bush in his last two elections. The Bush administration is now reduced to crying "sexism" and "elitism" toward conservatives who oppose Miers. As Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show last week, those accusations are usually made by people who have no real arguments. Miers is a unqualified crony, and the White House knows it. Bogus charges of sexism are all the administration has left. Unfortunately, Miers will be confirmed, probably with a sizable number of Democratic votes.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Worst pick ever

Harriet Miers may well be the least qualified person ever nominated to the Supreme Court. Whether you're a liberal or a conservative, you should be outraged. I will quote an unnamed lawyer who identifies himself as a Bush supporter in the National Review's blog:

Miers was with an undistinguished law firm; never practiced constitutional law; never argued any big cases; never was on law review; has never written on any of the important legal issues. Says she's not even second rate, but is third rate. Dozens and dozens of women would have been better qualified. Says a crony at FEMA is one thing, but on the high court is something else entirely.

Of course, these points are irrelevant to George Bush. As long as you're his friend, you're qualified for any open position. After all, he can look inside your heart and see if you're a good person (Remember his sucking up to Putin). Unfortunately, the Senate won't have the guts to vote against Miers, so we're stuck with her on the Court for a long time. And, no, Senator Cornyn,it is not a positive thing that she has no experience on the bench.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Price gouging at the pump

According to an impressive study by The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights , the energy companies are deliberately restricting the supply of oil to boost prices. According to internal reports issued by the oil companies, a decision to deliberately reduce the supply was hatched in the late 1990s. Furthermore, according to a study by petroleum industry analyst Tim Hamilton, from January 17th to April 18th 2005 gasoline prices jumped 65 cents per gallon and refiner profits rose by 61 cents per gallon. The extra four cents went to the state in increased sales tax collection. The Foundation (they go by FTCR) found no evidence that there was an increase in the price of producing crude oil, refining oil into gasoline or diesel, or transporting the refined products to market.

This evidence seems pretty damning to me. I urge anyone who is tired of this gouging to contact their Congressman and Senators and urge an immediate investigation.