Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yes on prop 73

For some reason, there's actually a debate on the merits of Prop 73, which would require parental notification for a teenage girl to get an abortion, and requires a 48 hour waiting period. NARAL and Planned Parenthood are (surprisingly!) opposed to this modest restriction. I thought these organizations were too busy smearing John Roberts to get involved, but I was wrong.

The pro-choice crowd's position makes no sense. A high school student cannot go on a field trip without parental permission, but they should be allowed to get an abortion without even informing Mom or Dad? Sorry I don't see much logic in this argument. NARAL's argument is especially curious:

Proposition 73 would serve as a blatant intrusion by the government into private, personal family matters. It places our most vulnerable teens—those in abusive homes or are pregnant as a result of rape or incest.

Huh? On the contrary, prop 73 is a pro-family bill. Parents ought to be consulted in important decisions involving their children. Nor does NARAL provide any evidence that a majority or even a significant number of pregnant teenage girls are pregnant because of rape or incest. Isn't it possible that they are pregnant because they didn't use proper birth control when having irresponsible sex? Furthermore, if it is an extreme case like incest, the girl has the option of going to a judge who can authorize the procedure.

If we want to make abortion less common, the solution is simple: sex education combined with access to birth control. If people from both sides of the political spectrum worked together to reduce abortions, it could be done fairly easily. This won't happen, of course, but I'd like to end this post with a pleasant thought.


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Chris said...

I think you said it right when you said "sex education."

That is the key here. Sex ed, all of it, not just abstinence. I think if we only teach that sex is wrong, then it's pointless to make any laws restricting abortion. Because even at 14 you might have to have a permission slip to go on a field trip, but you don't need one to have sex.

Jack Davis said...

Thank you, MJ. I agree. Abstinence programs have been shown to be abject failures. Thanks for visiting.

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