Thursday, September 01, 2005

Theocracy comes to Iraq

Supporters of the Iraq war are desperately denying that Iraq is becoming an Islamic fundamentalist state. They are, unfortunately, dead wrong. As the Wall Street Journal points out in its August 23 issue, page 3: "Islam has been named a source of law and a clause says no legislation shall be passed that contradicts Islamic principles." (On a side note, wouldn't it be nice if the writers on the editorial page read their own newspaper once in a while?). Furthermore, Iraqi prime minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has told a magazine that "Iraq should become an Islamic state." In fact, during his visit to Iran, al-Jaafari signed several bilateral accords. One accord was a military alliance wherein Iran will provide arms to Iraq; Iran will provide border security between the two countries; and the two countries will share intelligence. "This is a new chapter in relations with Iraq," enthused Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Aref during al-Jaafari's visit. Agha Panayi, an Iranian intelligence official, has offered a similarly enthusiastic assessment: "Throughout Iraq, the people we supported are in power."

It would be great if MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, and the other nitworks could run a story about this once in a while, as much as I hate to interrupt the fascinating cruise ship mystery or the nondeveloping Natalee Holloway case. On a side note, Beth Holloway Twitty is now the second most annoying grieving mother on TV. FOX obviously won't cover this because it might reflect poorly on their Supreme Leader, George W. Bush. Yes, I know, there's been a major flood recently, but let's face the facts: the nitworks weren't covering anything important prior to that disaster anyway. (Yes, reader, I am deliberately misspelling the word network).

My primary source for this post is the one of the best magazines you've never heard about,the New American, staunchly conservative, but non-partisan. The bookstores won't carry it, for whatever reason. Please see

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