Monday, September 12, 2005

Fiddling while Rome burns

The California state legislature ought to be ashamed of itself. It is wasting time and money, as usual. Suddenly, gay marriage is a major priority. A letter writer to my local paper put it well:

There are skyrocketing gas prices, 30 million Californians are struggling with crisises in medical care, housing, energy, clean air, immigration, and a budget that is out of control. And is what is the top priority of our elected Democratic officials in the state capitol? Whether a few licenses have marriage or domestic partners written on it!

Exactly, Robert Keirsey of San Diego. I would also add a few other issues to his list of concerns the state is ignoring. I am not either advocating for or against homosexual marriage. I simply don't think it is an important issue. I have two more urgent issues Mr. Keirsey didn't mention that far trump gay marriage: the poor performance of our schools and the broken foster care system. For a depressing look at the state of foster care in this state see this editorial in the Sept.11 San Francisco Chronicle.

Please find out who your local senator/representative is and tell them to get to work immediately actually doing something for the good of the state.


Nima said...

Maybe it is not an important issue for you when you haven't had your rights taken away from you. To me it doesn't sound important either, but I am not gay. However, I do know how it feels when you cannot speak freely, and critisize your government, some books are banned, or listening to western music is against the law...

Chris said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Good, intelligent comments are always welcome.

Being from Illinois I'm not the most up-to-date person on Cali politics, but I will stay around and check out your site.

Jack Davis said...


What do you mean when you refer to "rights taken from you?" Homosexuals have never had the right to marry, so they can't lose that right. (I should again emphasize I'm not in favor of banning gay marriage, I simply don't care). Your third sentence seems out of place, as I am and always have been a strong supporter of the First Amendment. I would strongly oppose the government's attempt to censor anyone's speech, even they were, like, a fan of Fox News -:)

uncle yochanan said...

I commend you on your forum and hope it will help to bring clarity and not more murkiness !!
The gay marriage issue is central to
the whole rot in the U.S.A as it epitomizes pseudo -intellectual moral relativism.
Gay marriage is by definition an oxymoron. No child could be produced thereby and therefore it is not marriage.
The whole gay concept is abomination of the human species and therefore it must be exposed as anti social behaviour, even though to be sure there are "fine upstanding gays" and "despicable straights".
We humans have strayed far from the path of humanity and in our attempt to regain the path should not attempt to re-invent the wheel-- to re-invent morality , but rather to look in the right direction, to exemplary people and to G-d's way, i.e Torah
If we could see straight on this issue (excuse the pun) perhaps we would be less confused about other important matters.
The cost of gas is really not that important ...