Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bush's on vacation: so what's the problem?

Many people, mostly but not all liberal, seem to be upset that George Bush is on a long vacation during a very tumultous time in Iraq. I am not one of those people. Far from it. In fact, I wish Bush would extend his vacation until about, oh, January 2009. It's not as though he were solving any problems when he was officially "working."

All he did was hold one press conference after another where he just repeated mantras and cliches, primarily "we're making progress." If he ended his vacation today, would the war go any better? Of course not. Some pro-war critics have maintained sending more troops to Iraq would help the situation. They may be right, but it won't matter. Bush will never send more troops to Iraq because that would force him to admit he didn't send enough soldiers in the first place. That kind of mea culpa is impossible for this administration.

As for his domestic policies, America needs a long break from all of those bad ideas. I think we can prosper without more disastrous corporate giveaways like the bankruptcy bill, the energy bill, CAFTA, and the pork-laden highway bill. He can't mess up the country as badly on vacation. Don't listen to those lefties, Mr. President, take as long a vacation as you want! As for your critics, those anti-Americans can be dealt with by your cohorts at Fox News and on the "conservative" talk radio shows, e.g. Melanie "The WMDs will still show up" Morgan, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc...

P.S. Mr.President, is John Gibson on your payroll? I'm really getting suspicious. You already bribed Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher. Gee, do you really think Karl Rove deserves a medal of honor? I really don't see why, but maybe John is such a subtle genius the rest of us just don't realize the full extent of his wisdom. And I thought it was just ridiculous bias. Mea culpa.

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