Friday, August 26, 2005

Milton Bradley as the new Joe McCarthy

As a baseball fan, I will occasionally veer off and discuss the game, especially controversial issues like racism. Milton Bradley of the Dodgers, a black player who is a head case and a jerk, has accused Jeff Kent, a white player who is also a jerk, of racism. However, Bradley has not mentioned what specifically Kent said that was allegedly so horrible. Are we in Wheeling in 1950 again? Did he call you a dumb n-----? Did he make a comment on fried chicken? If you just don't like him, say he's a cancer or a bad teammate, don't accuse him of racism. Something like that can destroy a man's reputation and in Kent's place, keep him out of the Hall of Fame or out of a future manager's position. This is not a defense of Jeff Kent's personality, only an attempt to get to the heart of a serious matter.

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